Other Finance Services

Specialty finance services to help you solve problems quickly.

Why Outsource Finance Services

Companies continually face new problems that require a diverse set of skills. Many times these problems arise before a company is ready for the growth to manage these new issues. In these instances it can be very effective to bring in outside help on problems where there are few or no internal solutions.  

Why Trust MAP

All of our engagement professionals are pre-vetted, experienced experts. Other solutions in this area find talent by tapping into a resource database full of names. We know our partners and associates, and we go to market together.  

How We Serve Our Clients


Record keeping is the foundation upon which finance operates. We will handle all transaction recording as well as support in producing the relevant financial statements.


It is important to have the clearest picture possible on where your business is heading. Our FP&A experts will provide you with the analysis and forecasting needed to overcome future obstacles and tackle important opportunities. 

Financial Modeling

Our finance experts will develop a working financial model for your business in any scenario needed. Whether you need support in an M&A transaction or further help in preparing to raise capital, a sound model will become the centerpiece of the effort.  

Forensic Accounting

In any potentially unfortunate circumstance that your business is facing, we will provide reliable investigatory work that will put your company is the best position possible. 

Monthly And Quarterly Close

We can take over the financial reporting process for your business. You to receive timely and accurate financial statements, allowing you to focus on pressing matters. 

Audit Prep

We will help analyze and advise on the current state of your financials and controls to put you in an comfortable position as you anticipate your next audit.  

Navigate Uncertainty With Confidence 

As your business strives to achieve its vision, we want to help you overcome challenging obstacles with confidence.