Controller Services

When you need finance operational support or more accounting oversight, MAP controllers are here to help.

Why A Controller

Controllers are the masters of the accounting function. A good controller is a reliable asset and teammate to a CFO. A controller’s duty is to ensure that accounting procedures are on-time, accurate, and in compliance. When all of the above are handled, financial reporting becomes more of a breeze and the CFO can focus attention on other areas. 

Why A MAP Controller

Not only are MAP controllers capable of everything mentioned on the left, they are also capable of turning an unpleasant situation into a positive. Our controllers have experience in returning the controllership function to full working order. We will help you return accounting to an organized, manageable state, allowing you to have the timely information you need to be forward looking. 

How Our Controllers Help Like Yours

Part-Time Controller

Maybe you don’t need a controller full-time to oversee you accounting systems. We have the flexibility to come in on a part time basis to support you in managing the controllership function. 

Interim Controller

An interim controller allows you to get talent in the position fast. From there we support you for as long as you need us, whether until the end of a project, the filling of a role, or you decide that keeping the controller permanently is the best option for your company. 

Permanent Controller

In any instance where a permanent controller makes sense, we can support your company. Our controllers are happy to take a permanent role where they make a great fit. 

Cash Flow Forecasting

Our controllers are able to help you better understand what is happening with cash. We will help you take into account the activities from all financial statements as well as operations to determine the most accurate picture possible of future cash flow. 

Financial Controls

In a heavily regulated environment, the larger your company becomes or the more growth you plan to sustain, the more emphasis you should place on having solid financial controls. If you’re small, now is the time to put the proper procedures in place so that you do not waste time, effort, and money when it matters most. 

Fundraising Support

A controller can be a key asset in fundraising preparation. Before approaching any fundraising source, the company needs to be fully prepared to present their financials. A MAP controller can help you organize your financial statements and strategize how to approach negotiations.

Internal Audit

MAP controllers can help you monitor the efficacy of your controls and other risk management efforts. A controller can also be a great support for audit prep. 

Finance Operations Management

Maybe your business needs another capable professional to support the ongoing operations of your current finance function. A controller is a wonderful option for staff augmentation, allowing you to tackle the larger projects you’ve had your eye on. 

Reach Your Highest Goals

We want to help you achieve your highest goals through talented financial leadership. Reach out to us for a free consultation and get your toughest problems solved quickly.