CFO Services

Whether your company is growth stage, small private, or large public, we can help. 


At any stage of a business, the addition of a seasoned, strategic financial perspective will take the organization to the next level of value creation. Today’s CFO is expected to be more than a glorified number cruncher, they need to be a strategist and partner to the CEO.

Your business may be in a position where it cannot survive without a CFO, or maybe you have reached the stage where it’s time to bring on a CFO part-time to accelerate growth. In either case, MAP partners have been there and we’re here to help.  


Our partners are previously vetted and highly experienced in working in environments like yours. Our partners are ready to start work in a matter of a few days. MAP is ready to get in there immediately and start solving issues, with very flexible pricing.

Our partners have dedicated their careers to the partnership. We know our partners. We are our partners. The CFO engaged with your company will not be a computer generated name out of a distant database, they will be one of our pre-vetted partners with whom we are used to doing business.

How Our CFOs Help Companies Like Yours

Part-Time CFO

Maybe your current CFO needs additional support, or maybe you are not ready to commit to a full-time hire. There are many reasons why a part-time CFO could be a great fit for your company. 

Interim CFO

Interim CFOs are a great option for organizations who need a CFO full-time temporarily. Circumstances such as a transaction, needed support with a turnaround, or someone to fill the seat while a permanent solution is found are all reasons why companies turn to us for interim leadership.

Permanent CFO

Whether your company is undergoing a transition in the leadership team or your business has grown to where a permanent CFO is the next stage of growth acceleration, this may be the solution your organization needs. 

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our CFOs support companies through all phases of transactions, from raising capital and due diligence all the way through post-integration. 

Raising Capital

A CFO with experience raising capital can be an invaluable asset when it comes time to securing financing for your company. Our partners have the experience to provide access to the equity markets as well as the strategic insight to leverage appropriately at optimal cost.  

Cash Flow Management

Cash is king. The importance cash flow has on a business can not be overlooked at any stage. Managing cash as your business becomes more complex can be difficult. We can help you get back on track or manage the unexpected growing pains you may be facing. 

Systems Implementation

We have overseen the implementation of many ERP systems. When it comes to designing or implementing software, it is important to have leadership with experience in the office of the CFO who can speak on behalf of finance. We understand the system requirements that will enable finance to seamlessly perform its job. 

Defining an Exit Strategy

Ready to make an exit? Whether you’re a sole-proprietor or large private equity group, our CFOs have worked with you and many others to define and execute the most effective strategy for selling your company. Having an experienced CFO at the negotiating table will ensure that you’re offered the best price for your business. 

Conquer Your Organization’s Toughest Challenges

We want to help in anyway we can. Reach out to us for a free consultation and get your toughest problems solved quickly.